Peer-reviewed publications

van Riper, C.J., Winkler-Schor, S., Stamberger, L., Keller, Raymond, C., R., Braito, Golebie, E., Eriksson, M., & Johnson, D. (in press). Integrating multi-level values and environmental behavior reported by visitors to Denali National Park and Preserve. Target journal: Journal of Environmental Psychology. Sustainability Science

Scullion, J. J., Vogt, K. A., Winkler-Schor, S., Sienkiewicz, A., Peña, C., & Hajek, F. (2016). Designing conservation-development policies for the forest frontier. Sustainability Science, 11(2), 295-306.

Publications in progress 

Winkler-Schor S, van Riper C, Landon, A & Keller, R. (in review) Expanding the Environmental Value Scale: Understanding How Eudaimonia and Hedonia Influence Pro-environmental Behavior. Environmental and Behavior. 

Johnson D., van Riper C.J., Chu, M., & Winkler-Schor, S. (in preparation). A comparative study of cultural

ecosystem service values reported by recreationists in US and Australia Protected Areas. Target journal:

Ecosystem Services 

Winkler-Schor, S. & Scullion J., (in preparation). People—the most threatening invasive. A case study of land invasion in Latin America. Target journal: Conservation Letters

Scullion J, Vogt K, Zwicker S, Cueto Luis, Winkler-Schor S, Stutzman H, Rengifo P, Loja J, Odle A, & Vogt, D. (in Preparation). An Interdisciplinary Approach to Identifying Conservation Priorities and Habitat Corridors in Dynamic and Data Poor Frontier Landscapes.

Scullion J, Vogt K, Winkler-Schor S, Drahota B, Rasmussen A, Tess R. (in preparation). The Role of National Institutions and Politics in Conserving Frontier Forests.

Reports (non peer-reviewed)

Winkler-Schor S., Ipe J., Livingston K., (in preparation). Harnessing the power of behavior change communication: 10 ways to accelerate the adoption of clean cooking solutions. 


Winkler-Schor S & Mahajan S. (2017). The Science of Behavior Change: Designing and Implementing Behavior Change Interventions. Document prepared for World Wildlife Fund (for internal use only).

Scullion J, Alvarez Y, Cueto L, Gmur S, Kirkby C, Loja J, Obesso J, Odle A, Prado S, Porier A, Renfrigo P, Schreier A, Sienkiewicz A, Stutzman H, Vogt K, Winkler-Schor S, Zwicker S. (2015). Advancing Biodiversity Conservation in the Manu-Tambopata Corridor (MAT). Report prepared for Amazon Conservation Association and Asociación para la Conservación de la Cuenca Amazónica (for internal use only)

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